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Greet the Spirit of Your Land

December 12, 2021

With the solstice arriving next week you might be feeling the big leap coming our way. This is it, the time when we let go of all that we know and welcome the unknown. If you know how to relate to the elements, Mother Earth, Father Sun, the nature spirits, and the spirit of your land, you’ll find yourself in good company. We tend not to see what is right in front of our noses, or in this case, beneath our feet. All land is sacred, did you know that? Right where you are sitting, standing, or walking you can connect to the spirit of the land to create a heart bond with all that is sacred, loving, and true. Pause and say hello to the spirit of the land. Feel your roots in Mother Earth and open to your light of being. Light a candle, hold a crystal, sprinkle some water on the land outside, and recognize the tribe that surrounds you and holds your heart delicately in theirs. It’s silly to think you are all alone, walking through life by yourself. Whatever you accomplish, give credit to the unseen beings who circle around you. Begin with the spirit of the land who silently nourishes you with the same life-giving energy you see in the trees and plants. And when the solstice arrives you’ll have the opportunity to stand in pure light and energy, to let go of all limitations, and join the celestial community to welcome all that is new and fresh in 2022.

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