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Reset By the Eternal You

December 28, 2021

As the earth revolves and evolves her children grow too. Pivotal moments exist to thrust you into a new vibrational space where growth spurts occur. The shift of the ages is one of those life-changing times. As one age dissolves and another begins, your identity, as you know it, dissolves and reconfigures in resonance with the new frequencies of the coming age. The familiar identity drops away, and everything about you is different. Your body, thoughts, and feelings change to reflect the frequency of The Aquarian Age’s higher, lighter consciousness. It will enable your higher being to become your everyday being. Yes, it is a huge adjustment and why your world is in a state of chaos and confusion; everything is changing from your pinky to your brain, from your sense of an individual seeking God to knowing yourself as God.

In the still moment when the old identity dissolves and the new one emerges, a portal to eternity opens. Your soul drinks from Source and readies itself for the next journey. It’s the end of one life and the beginning of another within the same lifetime. Be ready to experience your eternal nature in this momentous shift.

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