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Hints of 5D Love

December 29, 2021

Human awareness is growing towards a more evolved expression of Love. Your youth is moving quickly away from a purely physical to a more fluid, less physical world. You see it in its infancy, not fully articulated, but trying to follow the calling of the future. Let us inspire you to break free of the past and enter the new domain of Love.

What will love look like in 5D? You can’t see that far into the future yet, but here are some hints.

Know Yourself as The Flow of Love

Love flows like a river from the eternal through you and back, and it is the all-pervading Source of creation. Step into the river of Love and let it bring you into harmony with your soul. Love, wisdom, and beauty flow together to become one stream illuminating life’s mysteries and raising the overall frequency of all relationships.

Share Love Instead of Seeking Love

Love is a shared experience of two hearts resonating in harmony and bliss. In 5D you share Love, not seek it. Enjoying the flow together, each immersed in the greater field of Love, is a 5D experience, and the subconscious is not lurking beneath the surface, distorting the pure connection. Similar to the stirring brought on by a higher force when listening to music together or sharing an inspirational moment, you merge as one in an uplifting field more extraordinary than the two of you.

From the 3D perspective, you wonder: how will I know who is the one? Immersed in the flow, Love and Wisdom merge as a higher intelligence guiding your choices. There is no need to play games or manipulate when life is telepathic and transparent.

From Toxic to Healthy Love

As 5D consciousness spreads throughout humanity, you will realize that your existence proves the power of Love. And this is just the beginning. Polarities will fall away to form mergers—then you’ll understand why you have such a strong desire to merge with everyone. This powerful instinct has a higher purpose and comes from deep within your soul—it arises from the 5D surge towards unity. There is a world beyond polarity and separation, where Love leads to divine union. Embrace your urge to merge as a cosmic imperative. Let it guide you in a new direction where you merge with the Love within first. The external world will no longer be external in 5D, for when polarity consciousness dissolves, there is no in and out, up and down, or right and wrong; it’s a whole new world where I’m sure you’ll feel right at home.

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  1. Laurie Stark

    Wow. Thank you so much for this post. I just read it now for the first time. I started receiving downloads about this topic in the 90’s but it was difficult to understand at that time. I would just get little bits of information and directions about things to practice. I was told that what They were asking me to explore would happen on this planet in the future, but that’s all I got! Several times during the last 25 years I would be called to revisit it, but with much still left unclear. It has recently come back up for me for the first time in almost 12 years. Reading what you wrote is so affirming. It’s lovely when I realize that I’m not crazy!


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