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January 16, 2022

Channeled from The Heart of the Mother by Sarah Weiss

I am creation; there is no other beyond me. All that exists comes from my womb. All that arises from me is loving, light, and wise. Your belief in the “big bang” creates ripples of violence and ignorance throughout human existence. If you were created out of a big bang, wouldn’t you be violently disconnected from your source? Connection to the intelligent universe is your umbilical cord, it is never cut and you can always return to the Heart of the Mother.

When you disconnect from my heart, forget your origins, and believe in only yourself, you sink into a dismal reality. I do not wish this for my children, and the human story will end violently if you continue to believe that individual will is more important than the collective will of the divine.

All of creation is sacred—even the worlds you don’t see are sourced from my heart. The living universe is populated by heavenly (those beyond your sight) beings who live in worlds tuned to different frequencies. When your earth world was created, many worlds were already in existence. Your creation stories tell only the earth’s perspective, but it’s time to open your heart to those who share sacred space with you. You are already communicating with them in expanded states. Just as you can feel me, you can feel them. Their bodies are different, made from non-earthly elements, but consciousness is universal, so they can resonate at the same frequency and even share sacred space with you.

Imagine you live in a sphere of light-filled with shining beings resonating at the same vibration as you. You are surrounded with love and supported without hesitation. They share sacred space with you in the here and now. Think of them as a living vibration in a non-physical layer of your field, and you communicate non-verbally through resonance and vibration. Accessing your multi-dimensional being and the sacred space you share in expanded realms, helps put your empathic life into perspective. You live on earth as you live in heaven, in love and unity, communicating through resonance and vibration. It’s natural for you to want to be “One” with all, but listening to words can lead to deception and misconceptions for you and others. You often misconstrue personal love for universal love, which is understandable. Before jumping into personal love and friendship, be clear about another’s frequency. Don’t let your desire to merge as One overshadow your clarity. You will protect yourself from pain and self-delusion. Words can lie, but vibrations do not.

Begin to focus on vibrations first, then words; you will know your “right relationship” with others. Guidance speaks a vibrational language and downloads the frequencies directly into your heart ready to be felt and lived. The Tower of Babel has been resurrected; humans can speak the universal language of vibration and frequency once again. Enjoy the new relationships and communion with all that is now possible.

—The Heart of the Mother

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  1. Ananda

    Oh Mother of all the Buddhas of the three times, Supreme Mother! Queen of the World! Mother of Space! May all obstructions and obscurations dissolve into the vast expanse of the clear blue sky!


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