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Welcome to Love

February 10, 2022

In honor of Love and Valentine’s Day I have posted the description from the Awakening Together Class: Love Transmission from Mother Earth and Father Sky: Immersion in Love. The class is having its final session on Valentine’s Day but the next class is open for registration: High Frequency Living in Low Frequency Times–check it out!

Welcome to the New Earth experience of Love. Love is no longer limited to one-to-one relationships, we are being tuned to Universal Love, a vibration that reverberates from soul to cell and beyond.

Love is a frequency, a state of being that makes life beautiful. You are meant to luxuriate in the living waves of Love that envelope the planet. Moving into alignment with the galactic center gives humans direct access to pure, divine Love. I hope you can feel it… Love is a frequency, a state of being in which humanity sources direct healing and higher consciousness. It is a game-changer.

Learning to vibrate at the frequency of Love involves allowing the sacred feminine to reverberate throughout your being until it raises your consciousness to encompass all existence. Once the sacred feminine is awakened, the sacred masculine is brought into resonance and harmony to radiate benevolent power. Ultimately the two frequencies merge into the Oneness of higher consciousness.

The love of the divine Mother and Father together creates the fundamental frequency of a conscious, intelligent universe. Love is the most intelligent frequency you can know, it is not blind or silly; it is the music of the spheres, the light of creation, and the portal to immortality.

Calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of Love as a state of being. You will free up Love from its stale limited programming and experience the heightened and intimate love that reaches from earth to heaven.  Every aspect of your life will change–the way you think of yourself and others, how you relate to your body, and how your emotions become the driver of transformation.

The Love that Heals Pain and Suffering

The Western world is wounded. Pain, anxiety, depression, fear, and fatigue overshadow the joy in our hearts due to one reason: lack of love.  Without a doubt love permeates existence; it is the source of all life.  In truth, you are made of love and are the walking dead without it.

Without love you can’t see clearly. Separation from your true parents, Mother Earth and Father Sky, created generations of spiritual orphans blinded by sadness and shame. The path to wholeness and happiness is through the experience of embodied, personal, mystical love. You’re higher being is holding this love until you are ready to receive it. It’s time to merge the higher dimensions with your earth being and live as a multi-dimensional partner in the conscious universe.

In the past it wasn’t necessary to place your love for safekeeping in another dimension; it was the fountain of life and evident to all. Until now it wasn’t possible for a planetary awakening to occur. We couldn’t even see what we were missing so the end of pain and suffering was beyond the reach of the average person. With the new frequencies from the galactic center bringing a new light to earth, it is time to become Love.

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