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By the Time the Solstice Gets Here…..

May 23, 2022

you will be updated, just like your computer. But this update will recalibrate you to light instead of darkness. We are becoming more ethereal; thank goodness we are not limited to physical existence.  Otherwise, we would have no dreams, no ideals, and no love. These exist in the ethereal realm, don’t they?

The leading edge of human evolution is not Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is Cosmic Intelligence (CI), which is telepathy, intuition, and universal consciousness. Now that the earth is aligned with the galactic center, we are receiving higher frequencies that will transform the human species into the universal human.  Change is happening whether we like it or not. The tough part is not knowing what we are changing into, at this point, it’s all a blur. When we observe the heavens and listen to Mother Earth, we align with cosmic intelligence, beyond our biased, judgmental perspective, we are sourced by the vital energies that create growth. Our culture has blocked the sun, moon, stars, and Mother Earth for way too long now, and you can only hold back this power for a long minute. Remember, you can’t fool Mother Nature.

As the solstice draws near, give yourself time to tune into nature and listen carefully as she tries to redirect your attention towards the light of healing. One of the messages of this Solstice is:

Believe in your healing ability.

Another one is:

You and the universal power are One.

Ready for another?

Transparency and telepathy cannot be separated.

At some point soon, we will all be on “the spectrum.”  No one will be what we call “neurotypical” today because our future lies in cosmic intelligence which is fluid and in harmony with the shifting cosmos. Groups will hold circles to tune in to cosmic intelligence and each participant will contribute according to their wavelength and frequency, creating inspired lives. This message is not mine alone, people, particularly women, are receiving similar visions of our future.

The upcoming summer solstice is a portal to the higher realms. Take time to tune in and experience the energies and let them speak to you. Not all communication is in words. The words you are reading here are energy first. Feel the energy, listen to your dreams and intuition, and palpably experience the shift; let the words come later. This is truly the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The New Earth is here, beneath your feet and in your heart. The cosmic energies are raising our consciousness during this shift of the ages.

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  1. Becky McLoughlin

    What a gift to know we are evolving and returning to what is true in our hearts. I am so thankful for the guidance to return to Nature and to be still with her allowing her to upgrade us. I am excited to participate in these fluid energies and return to the magic of the Heart. Thank you Sarah!


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