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Iridescent Rainbow Frequencies and Magical Earth Spirits

July 20, 2022

Do you hear her? No longer speaking in whispers, she shouts from the flowers, trees, mountains, oceans, and bees: Receive the blessings of goodness and light. There is so much beauty and power surrounding you; open your hearts and tune in. We are here to help you; you are not alone.

Look up at the leaves on a nearby tree. Is there a little face, a magical earth spirit, smiling back at you? See the faces on the pansies in your garden? Feel the powerful love shining from the lilies. Stand on the mountain and let it embrace you. Greet the water and let it bring you back to life. Speak to the birds; they bring messages of joy. Breathe and let the new earth in; while one world is dying, another is being born. We have gotten so used to shocking news that it’s hard to imagine anything good happening now. Don’t be afraid to connect with earth spirits; you will be surprised by the positive messages and support.

Mother Earth has gone through ascension, and we are following right behind her! Iridescent rainbow frequencies are bathing the planet and expanding our consciousness daily. We are not limited to a purely material world any longer. Understanding ourselves as creator beings is becoming a reality that changes the entire story of life on earth. The new earth story is one of multi-dimensional collaboration sourced in creation energies. Being connected to source changes the trajectory of all thoughts. What can we do with infinite resources? When you can have everything you want, you realize the only thing you want is Love.

Building up the love in each of our hearts will lead to the change we want to see. But even the most beautiful, sensitive spiritual person can be held captive by the darkness. The world seems to be splitting in two, one dark and one light, each one leading to a preconceived end. I think this is what people do when faced with the unknown; they resort to black and white thinking when deepening into the heart is the way through.

These are “special” times! When Mother Earth ascends, everyone and everything must ascend with her.  If you are a passenger in a car you go where the driver goes! She is taking us on an incredible ride that will send us soaring into realms of consciousness that have not been experienced by humanity in thousands of years. Each moment brings us closer to knowing the multi-dimensional, light beings we are. Please don’t accept the limited viewpoint of materialism; it only reduces you to an object to be discarded when used up. We are never used up or useless, we forever participate in the unfolding of life in many realms and with others we may not recognize right now.  Those others may be the nature spirits in your backyard and the guides who appear in your dreams and meditations!

The trend is towards awakening; more breakthroughs are happening than breakdowns. Gathering to perform ceremonies, meditate, share inspiring ideas, and support each other is part of the awakening trend. Take each step towards the unknown with delight. Sometimes it’s hard to choose delight over depression, but when you sink into your heart, you will find an intimate connection to self that is truly awe-inspiring and so meaningful it makes you weep in gratitude for being alive.




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  1. Patricia Gallup

    Thank you, thank you for this wonderful rainbow flow 🌈
    My whole “self” has shifted with the flowing of these word energies.

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Hi Patricia, Thank you for your enthusiastic comments about resonating with the frequency of the writings!


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