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From the Inside You Feel Great but Then…..

August 8, 2022

But then the “real” world takes over and it’s a quick slide into self-loathing. Don’t let judgments from self-haters take you down; your sense of self is too precious to let negativity invade your serenity.

Serenity is a state of centered calmness, beauty, and well-being. With your power collected and your higher wisdom prevailing, living spiritually aligned becomes a reality. Most of us collapse after we feel good in meditation because we lose our power to a world steeped in low frequencies. Take a moment to test this out. Next time you sit quietly, notice how you feel, then get up and engage with the world and see how long your serenity and peace last.

It’s time to become a spiritual warrior protecting your serenity, peace, and well-being. Practice extending the time you feel good about yourself after meditating until you can maintain a positive flow for an extended period.  In traditional meditation training is called “concentration,” or the ability to maintain an underlying sense of spirit within, no matter what is happening externally.

Our world favors speed and quick turnarounds which contrast with the deeper spiritual states where the emphasis is on flow, continuity of consciousness and living from where spirit dwells in your heart. Pause and step back from the mental state that allows judgments to pummel you continuously and live from the inside out.

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