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Your New Light Being Is Arriving Soon

November 3, 2022

Many of you know I write a monthly column for The Sedona Journal of Emergence. This article will appear in the January 2023 issue.  For this column, The Empaths Portal, I channel The Heart of the Mother, the source of creation and love.

The Heart of the Mother channeled by Sarah Weiss

Hello and welcome. I am the Heart of the Mother, the source of creation and the loving cosmos. Together, Father Sun and I spiral and spin love into existence. In my incarnation as Mother Earth, I invited you to live in my heart and body, to experience the living energies of creation in material form.

I speak to the empaths, sensitives, and intuitives who keep the flame of love alive in the heart of humanity. Harmony will prevail because you are here to heal the world. You naturally understand the diversity within unity, loving another as oneself, and that love is the great healer. You know through direct experience that the world is made of vibration and all dimensions are within reach of conscious awareness. My heart meets yours in love and gratitude. When we come together in mutual recognition and respect, we are blessed.

Today’s message is profound and life-changing. Please ground, center, and breathe in the love and power of my words.

The New Earth is here; can you feel it? Cosmic expansion impacts all dimensions, from the physical to beyond, including Father Sun and me.

My earth body, Mother Earth, and the earth’s star, Father Sun, have ascended. We are no longer the Mother Earth and Father Sun you know; we are vibrating to a higher frequency, more refined and aware. We are less material and more ethereal now, and you must join us in this expansion if you wish to continue your life on earth.

You knew this would happen; you were called to experience the transition from one earth consciousness to the next. As sensitive souls, you arrived coded to the New Earth, and now your time has come. It is an honor to be among those who help usher in a galactic ascension, and it is time for you to ascend with us. Your finely tuned, high-sense perception allows you to tune in and resonate with the new energetic environment.

There is more to explain. It is time to say goodbye to your old self and welcome the new you.

This is the moment you have been waiting for, why you’ve endured suffering for so long. You knew this moment was coming, and it is here. Your higher being is becoming your everyday being. Your higher wisdom, love, and power are within reach, so you can easily express your true being without fear of the past haunting you.

The Doorway to the New Earth

Your 3D mind is incapable of experiencing the New Earth due to the veil of fear shielding it from change, but it can ponder the possibility of its existence. Humans are in for a great surprise when fear no longer veils their vision. Many subtle dimensions are accessible now and ready to dramatically impact your daily life. There is a doorway to the New Earth; you’ll find it when you align with my heart and the heart of Father Sun and allow us to raise your consciousness until you resonate with pure light and vibration. Then, without effort and intent, illuminated by the light of consciousness, you will be living on the New Earth. You’ll feel at home, l like it’s the only world you have ever known. The transition is smooth and seamless as long as you stay attuned to the higher frequencies of the New Earth.

You are witnessing the ringing in of a new galactic cycle that impacts all existence. I am currently docked in the galactic center and uploading my new purpose and path within the greater galactic sphere. When I change, everyone around me changes. Humans were calibrated to my old frequency, and now it is time for the new human to appear. All low frequencies emanating from the mind, body, and emotions of human beings no longer resonate with my current ascension.

Allow my heart and yours to connect while reading this. Our communion allows you to feel the rising wave of light surging, radiating, and encompassing all beings in our galactic sphere. Take a walk on the wild side and settle into peace and harmony, leaving all fear and anxiety behind. Letting go of fear is a courageous act for many humans. I’m sorry that your subconscious associates fear with safety and hesitates to embrace joy, where true safety resides. Bountiful joy and peace provide protection by lifting you above fear and into clarity.

One Light Body Leaves and Another Enters

You are being called to shed one life and begin another. Many sensitive and loving humans are experiencing this exciting phenomenon. They feel their light body rise up and out through their crown chakra and experience a new light body entering to replace the old. This New Earth light body is the prototype for your New Earth body and will guide your ascension and alignment to my new frequencies. We are all shifting together because you live in my heart, and I live in yours.

This is happening right now and is excellent news for empaths. Finally, the time you have been waiting for is here. It’s been a challenge to live with a loving, open heart and a sense that the world should be different than it is.

What You May Notice When Your New Light Body Settles In

These are indications that your new light body is settling in.

  • One side of your body feels newly activated.
  • You feel like you vibe with the New Earth frequencies.
  • Your past comes to meet you and is ready to release and clear.
  • You feel compelled to make new choices because you feel confident.
  • Life feels fresh and alive.
  • You feel a deep calling and respond to it without trying to figure it out and make it fit expectations.
  • There is little or no entanglement in others’ lives.
  • Boundaries arise spontaneously and feel comfortable.
  • You can let others be who they are because you are more of who you are.
  • You are not waiting for the world to accept you because you accept, value, and embrace your uniqueness.
  • Body, mind, and spirit are aligned and in harmony. It’s a joy to be alive.
  • You can finally move forward with your life.
  • Self-care is not negotiable; it is what you do.
  • You recognize that your sensitivities were sounding the bell for others to wake up to their subtle and sensitive nature.
  • Centering on Love is the only and best option.
  • Your experience of Love as the universal source of inner strength and power and move beyond personal to universal love.
  • Conscious communication (telepathy) and higher sense perception are normalized.
  • You are less judgmental but clear on what you want and need.
  • Your desire to be connected to nature, Mother Earth, and Father Sun, is consuming.
  • You become native instead of invasive, living collaboratively and respectfully.
  • You live in tune with the galactic spiral and embrace many dimensions of your being.

You cannot force this light-body exchange, but you can let your soul know you are ready to align with the New Earth. Over the next two years, many will experience their new being; it’s inevitable because Father Sun and I are vibrating at an entirely new frequency. It will be unbearable to live as you used to.


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  1. Sean McLoughlin

    This channeled piece of writing has changed the trajectory of my inner work. A huge accomplishment in clarity and light tuned into the written word. Thank you for sharing this. I keep reading and the frequency is saying strong and true.

  2. Becky McLoughlin

    Once again Sarah, you are able to bring words to what is in my experience. Thank you! Thank you for the guidance of how to move forward, the invitation to step forward, and the reminder in our hearts we have the universal love we need, always. So many hugs and blessings.

  3. Cindy M

    Sarah- I am so grateful and ready for this session. Harmony is a new way of being that I have expanded in my daily practice. To me, harmony is dynamic, a vibrant mix of energies to rhythmically sing a new song of the universe. I so feel it – yet like anything new, as glorious as it may be – often needs a bit of midwifery to bring it full flame in us. Thank you for your beautiful guidance, the communities you bring together and the sacred containers to lift this vibration. With Gratitude and Love, Cindy

  4. Trish Marshall

    Dearest Sarah,
    we, are so fortunate to have the honor of knowing you and the Grace that flows throughout your Being. You are the purest essence of Divine Love. This article explains so many of my dreams. Thank you. It is nice to know that i am not really dying, just shifting. This was a good reminder to trust in the Universe. She is driving

  5. Lisha

    Thank you for writing this, Sarah. Beautiful. And I am ready. Spirit told me the other day that I need to let go of the former me because the New me is here but she does not share space! So I’ve been inviting more and more release and letting my guides know that I am ready to receive and emerge anew.


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