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Living at a Higher Frequency in 2023

January 8, 2023

Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the newspaper this morning. I was sick of the war of the worlds, as I call the current situation. Overwhelm took over for just a few seconds, and then, thankfully, higher consciousness took over. With deft precision, I was guided to see that I was truly sick of limitations, bumping into the same old conditioned, compressed, and dim views of myself and the world around me. In that moment of freeing myself from the bonds of old paradigm thinking, we were all raised to a higher frequency. When even one person shifts into the glow and flow of the new age, the new earth, everyone gains momentum.

Sufi Amin, a spiritual mentor, used the words escape velocity when referring to attaining higher consciousness.  When the light and power of the heart are activated, he said, escape velocity is attained, and we lighten up. We are fortunate to be living in a time when spiritual activations are strong and fierce. A few years ago, I might have spun into an inescapable vortex of sadness and anger, but today I was freed in a few seconds.

Align with Harmony, Let Conflict Go

Conflict is not in alignment with higher frequencies. Finding ways to harmonize your thoughts and feelings and dispelling all levels of conflict is the theme of 2023, not by striving but by relaxing into inner ease and self-kindness.  You may not have noticed the conflict underlying your thoughts, feelings, and physical conditions, but you will now. A new light is illuminating your consciousness and taking you on a beautiful journey of self-revelation. You can now self-correct and reorient in joy and happiness instead of drowning in self-criticism.

The song Let it Go from the animated film Frozen should be the anthem this year. 2023 brings swift and decisive changes to all areas of life. Adjusting to change is not easy but having a hopeful attitude will allow you to release attachments to lower frequencies that hold you back from feeling good and enjoying life. A baseline of gratitude and joy instead of an undercurrent of grumbling makes all the difference in the world. It allows grace and soul revelation to be your life’s guiding forces.

Entanglement or Balance?

How entangled are you with others? Withdrawing the cords of entanglement brings your power back, and you need the power to maintain balance in your life. Like a sailboat that adjusts to the wind’s speed and direction, balance determines your trajectory. By gathering your energy and power and strengthening your connection to your heart consciousness, doors will open to possibilities you never imagined. With each letting go you make room to live at a higher frequency. This is the gift of 2023.




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  1. Deanne Dietz

    As I read your words, I totally relate to the moment of overwhelm with the news of the world. My heart hurts… and yet, I have felt the alignment with the Divine happen more quickly, there suddenly seems like a way out, in just BEing aligned, and I feel peace. I appreciate your description here, because “Toroidal Field” is a foreign concept to me, yet I want to get better at aligning with the light, doing my part, to change the world.

  2. Cathy Nesi

    Your words I read are illuminated in higher frequencies, I am immediately brought into sacred, divine light of Mother Earth & Father sun, I feel you in my heart, spirit and my soul resonates and illuminates my being through your words like the wave of a bell ringing through my being. Your words are waves that light up our divine circle of light beings and i can feel the unity of all light beings illuminated and lift the wave of darkness of human suffering and shine the light waves of calm and peace. Hope illuminating and lifting and cleansing heavy hearts. I too release and feel deeply the light within me I am reminded by your words of light how important i am in this world to be a vigilant, a dedicated light being and not waiver from the light within myself and the community i know supporting each of us. I will smile inward, so the light of my smile radiates deeply into the eyes of human kindness. Tears of joy and truth well up and fill me. Thank u Sarah 🙏🏼

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Dear Cathy, How you experience my words, as illuminated with higher frequencies, is the actual transmission experience. This is how I learned from my teachers; it is a direct download including the energy, realization, and experience of the teaching. Thank you for taking the time to express this for others to read.


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