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Spring Equinox: Eliminating the Shadow

March 16, 2023

The most universal and profound teaching found in every sacred tradition is the law of reciprocity. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself is the biblical version. But if you treat yourself unkindly, the teaching needs some tweaking. Like this?

Don’t cast the shadow on another that you cast on yourself.

Our shadow psyche bounces around like a ping-pong ball gone wild: pinging everyone with a bit of our darkness. Is there a moment when we listen, think, or speak clearly? To ourselves and others? When do we let the light illuminate us and dissolve the shadow of fear, anxiety, and self-criticism?

We don’t consider ourselves casting shadows on another, but you can’t help it if your thoughts, feelings, and sensations are overshadowed by self-loathing. Taking care of yourself first, being kind, caring, and swaddling yourself in love are the way of the new earth. Until now, the teaching was to be kind to others, but it did not include oneself. It was quite the opposite; we were taught to put ourselves down, to be the martyrs and victims, so God and everyone else would like us. You can feel how this leads to a lack of self-respect and loss of power.

Spring Equinox 2023

We are already in the energetic sphere of the Spring Equinox. Beneath the chaos is a stream of clarity, balance, and healing entering the atmosphere. During pivotal times like equinoxes and solstices, we can align with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the cosmos and open the channels between humans and the divine. We can glimpse our illuminated selves, with shadows dissolved, and change life’s trajectory forever…. unless we fall under another shadow and lose what was gained in a moment of sparkling enlightenment.

Over the next week, under the influence of the equinox, try to give yourself time to appreciate your lighter side. Journal, walk and talk about the shadow with friends who can relate.   Try an experiment, and witness how others react to you when your light shines. Do they cast a shadow or join you in the light? You’ll learn much about casting a shadow if you get a little distance in your interactions. The wisdom of responding instead of reacting is helpful, and so is grounding and centering. Once you recognize when you cast a shadow, or a shadow is cast on you, you’ll slip out of it because the lure of freedom from judgment and projection will feel within reach, and you’ll go for it.

We have the support of magnificent and powerful energies during the equinox to be projected beyond our shadow projections into luminous and loving states. Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the cosmos offer a springboard into the sea of enlightenment, imagine taking the leap and landing in the new earth and new you.



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  1. Sandra

    I have done a lot of shadow work on myself and learnt that being the scapegoat of the family actually held me in their shadows. My light is unable to shine when in their company. Being aware of this fact actually set me free from their chains. I am now able to feel my light and begin, through self care and self love, to shine brightly. I am looking forward to your spring equinox Eliminating the Shadow to support my continuous development. Thank you.


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