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Vibrating to Your Source Tone

December 4, 2023

Today’s transmission is pure frequency. We are leaving the world of words and entering the realm of the subtle sound of creation. The Winter Solstice calls us to listen in silence to the tones emanating from the depths of our hearts. Tune in and Be there now.

Your Source Tone is not physical but establishes the ground or foundation for your emanation. Just as your field informs your body, your Source Tone is the connecting wave of your totality. Stemming from primordial creation your Source Tone is silent yet vibrationally dominant. And when you tune into it, and it opens to you, your vibrational intelligence awakens.

Experience Your Source Tone

To experience your Source Tone, center in your heart, and enter your sacred space. Attain a state of peace so the Source Tone can be known beyond the chatter and noise.

Imagine, sense, see, or hear the tones vibrating from within. Allow the tones to fill your body and field, flowing throughout your consciousness. Practicing often will illuminate the experience and reveal more of your consciousness than has been evident before.

This simple dive into your Source Tone fills you with the higher frequency “you.” Sit with the experience as long as it intrigues you. Allow it to expand, possibly interweaving more

tones. Maybe the tones have colors, produce intuitive understanding, a merging with the sacred, or visions and messages. It is all non-verbal until words naturally appear; the tones are first, and then the words may bring it into focus….or not. If nothing more than sitting with the tones happens, then you have succeeded in being the multi-dimensional being you are. Your field is filled with all you need to take your next steps, whatever they are; you will be nurtured and guided daily by the frequencies vibrating in your body and field.  3D is the only dimension where words are necessary; the rest of creation communicates through vibration and frequency. Once you are comfortable communicating with frequency and vibration your ability to understand through resonance opens the door to ascension and wisdom beyond words.

Feel the Energy that Streams these Words

This blog carries the vibrations of the space I’m describing. Tune into the energy streaming the words. You may be surprised that you can do this easily. You’ve been doing it all your life, but it may have seemed too far outside the range of “normal,” so you stopped paying it much attention. There is so much more to be known through vibration and frequency than you can imagine. When words no longer limit understanding, you are invited into the cosmic conversation, where you partake of clarity, love, and pure awareness. Return to your Source Tone again and again until you don’t have to think about it; you become it and live it.

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