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Tune into the Winter Solstice Energy, Allow the Multi-Verse to Come into Focus

December 11, 2023

Tune in, beyond words, to the frequency of this transmission. You’ll receive grace and healing by allowing the words to wash over you as waves of light and feminine wisdom.

You may be in for a shock when this Solstice’s transformational energies break through your resistance to change.  The change and resistance I’m referring to is spiritual ascension. Are you resisting expansion? Are you afraid to align with your higher consciousness because it puts you at odds with the dominant culture? When you glimpse beyond 3D, have a powerful vision, psychic dream, or unbelievable synchronicities,  do you conveniently forget them because they disrupt what’s comfortable and familiar? Even those who yearn to experience the divine realms can have unconscious fears creating resistance to opening to your true self.

Disruption and Interruption
I wonder why disruption is a keyword in our world now. Media themes use disruption to get our attention. These disruptions interrupt our usual ways of thinking to sell us everything we don’t need. What if there is an energy streaming towards us to disrupt us positively, interrupt the negative stream of thoughts and feelings, and open us to a new way of sensing and being? Is the collective finally done with the old negative control programs and ready to discover the new human springing from the new earth? Don’t you want to disrupt and interrupt the old programs that limit your high-sense perception?

Put On Your 5D Glasses and Allow the Multi-Verse to Come into Focus!

The 2023 Winter Solstice is already streaming energies to disrupt and interrupt the old ways of being. Solstices and Equinoxes are pivotal change points, allowing us to realign when we are out of harmony with universal intelligence. As the 2023 Solstice nears, it calls you to open to your higher sense perception, releasing the hold of purely physical 3D perception. Be ready to adjust to a new pair of 5D glasses that allow the multi-verse to come into focus.

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