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Is an Octopus Your Spirit Animal?

January 30, 2024

 If you are an empath the incredibly smart, shapeshifting mimic octopus may be your spirit animal!  I couldn’t help but riff a little when this video came up on my screen!

Like an empath, the mimic octopus can become one with its surroundings, barely perceptible. In their studies of this amazing being, scientists are discovering a biochemical basis for its ability to shapeshift. Some scientists consider the mimic octopus to be on the cutting edge of evolution as it is able to hide from predators and survive challenging conditions.

Intuitively, I know that empaths are a preview of the future human. I’ve been leading classes and coaching empaths for over 10 years, helping them understand the benefits of their unique life experience. An empath can become confused easily when they are overwhelmed by outside input; they lose their sense of self while also knowing way too much about what’s happening with those around them. Knowing another from the inside out does not tend to create great relationships. People would rather hide their feelings and thoughts than have them exposed. But we would all be better off if we were true to ourselves and others.

Scientists are also finding a biochemical basis for the empath’s ability to experience another as themselves. Researchers have discovered a specialized group of brain cells that are responsible for compassion. These cells enable everyone to mirror emotions, to share another person’s pain, fear, or joy. Because empaths are thought to have hyperresponsive mirror neurons, they deeply resonate with other people’s feelings. Now that many are discovering they are empaths, scientists need to understand why they are so responsive, sensitive, and deeply telepathic. The areas of research include the study of emotional contagion, electromagnetic fields, and increased dopamine sensitivity. It’s not just for protection or survival; there is a higher consciousness element that comes with the empaths unique biology. Empaths can access the more subtle realms of perception, the higher frequency realms. Becoming “One” with another being, the environment, or the divinity within, is a more evolved state that promotes empathy, understanding, peace, harmony, and awareness of the unifying Oneness of creation.

Watch this video of the Mimic Octopus, it is curiously delightful!



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  1. Dr. Marta Ockuly

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. I’m living in Lakewood, OH now and hope our paths cross again soon. Sending joy snd uncountable blessings your way Sarah🩷


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