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12 Steps to Reconfigure Your Money Vibration

February 18, 2024

WHATEVER your thoughts are about money, they aren’t true. Every single thought is false. It isn’t real, money isn’t real.

You can make money into anything you want, so start sensing the vibration of your thoughts around money. Are they high-frequency or coated in fear and anxiety? You might not believe this, but Spirit wants your happiness to shine!


12 Steps to Reconfigure Your Money Vibration

  1. Sense the vibration, the energy of what you think is money, and then say to yourself: What is money? Let yourself riff on this question!  
  2. Why does it devalue me, make me feel not good enough? Then realize, maybe even get angry, that you’ve been in a trauma trance around money. Then….
  3. Say to yourself, what is the biggest, most spacious, light-filled vibration I can feel at this moment?
  4. Take a few moments luxuriating in this loving realm, allowing the energy to permeate your cells, upscale your thoughts, and lift your emotions bringing you into resonance with your higher being.
  5. Let it change your personality, emanate to your surroundings, beyond your home, building or car and merge with nature and the elements.
  6. Let the limiting vibration fly away in the wind, burn up in the sun, dissolve in the water, and fertilize Mother Earth. Let nature greet you, jumping with joy to join in the freedom dance.
  7. Sense your new identity and relationship to money. Don’t let the fear voice bring up objections to the new feeling of being free from the old fear trance.
  8. Now that you’ve merged with the natural forces of creation, create what you want, not what the materialistic culture tells you to need. Let the frequency of your heart speak, not in words, but in frequency and vibration. Vibration speaks louder than words!
  9. As you settle into the realm of energy and vibration, create a world that matches your vibration. Ask for all you need freely. Be surprised. Keep the session open until you feel at peace. 
  10. When you align with the forces of creation, you become a creative force. Use this power to create the life you deserve. 
  11. Become reconfigured and transfigured by this experience. Repeat daily until the fear trance no longer plagues you, and you naturally return to the abundantly luminous and joyful state.
  12. What you put into the field will vibrate back to you.


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