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The New Earth is Forming Beneath Our Feet

February 22, 2022

We can sense the new age; the new earth is forming beneath our feet. It’s already here vibrationally so it is palpable to many of us. The conscious universe is unfolding, and the light beings are shining a light on the evolution of Love. In a higher frequency state, Love becomes an entirely new and unique experience, even beyond what the mystics so ecstatically describe. We are receiving help to suspend 3D beliefs about Love so that we can expand beyond what we think we know. We are being asked to take time, sit in silence, and give space for the unknown to become known. That’s all we can do; the rest is happening in dimensions currently beyond our awareness.

It seems scary to release control in the middle of chaos, to allow 5D intelligence to flow into the last remnants of the 3D world but see if you can do it. When you are in the flow of Love, the present keeps unfolding on the underpinnings of the eternal. You won’t fall through the cracks. The Heart of the Mother tells us that Love forms the structure of life. It is the spark that ignites the flow of universal life and all that sparkles and glows. You are the result of a loving universe, do you know this? When you do, your sparkle will return and you will set the world ablaze with your Love.  Don’t expect others to understand, if they do, that’s fine, but let the 5D you shine for your sake and for no one else. It sounds selfish, but since when is being radiant selfish?

High- Frequency Living in Low-Frequency Times starts February 28, 2022

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