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Empaths: Who is Anxious and Who is Depressed?

February 24, 2022

Anxiety and depression are widespread in the world now so what is an empath to do? The overwhelm created by constant change, violence, and division is giving empaths the opportunity to evolve into a mature spiritual representative of our higher being.

Your empath sensitivities are seeds of the awakened full-spectrum human. Sensing the world as yourself is the seed of unity consciousness.  Knowing how others feel is the seed of clairsentience, the ability to know another’s feelings.  “Empath” is a stage along the path to becoming a New Earth human, one with awakened heightened senses and a high-frequency heart-centered compass.

How does anxiety and depression fit into this vision?  First off we are living in a highly anxious and depressed world that is separated from our sacredness. There are so many reasons for the vast void of meaning in life but primarily the dismissal and suppression of feminine wisdom is a primary culprit. Connection to the feminine changes the entire landscape of our lives, for the better. Without the Goddess, our Mother Earth energies running through our veins we become lost and confused; anxious and depressed.

Identifying Anxiety and Depression for Empaths

In an instant, before we are even aware of it, anxiety or depression flow through empaths like blood through our veins. Identifying the feelings of anxiety and depression in your body is the first step. Sometimes it feels like your mind is racing so fast you can’t breathe or think straight. Or it might be relentless tension in your muscles, nausea, headaches, or some other feeling of illness. Or like a toxic river of thoughts and feelings that blur out reality and eject you out-of-body to disappear into the nothingness of being. Or immobilization and darkness become your only identity and self-loathing sets in for a long visit. These states are low-frequency, low-energy states. It means you need an infusion of feminine energy to raise your frequency.

Living in a world where feminine wisdom is not part of our reality leaves us with nowhere to go for the healing love we need. When feminine wisdom is actively engaged there is a felt sense of being held in the heart of the mother. Without the feminine, it feels like you can bottom out into nothingness, be left helpless by the side of the road. This is the sum effect of living in a world that suppresses feminine wisdom.

It’s important to identify the “energies” of depression and anxiety to take the first step back to wholeness. You may not know who or where the feelings are coming from but identify and name the feelings and sensations in your body first and don’t be afraid to accept what you find. Welcome the experience even when you feel like you’ll die, which it can seem like at times. The primal scream that may erupt may be the path out or forward.

Change the IV

Then make the paradigm switch. It’s like changing an IV bag. You want to infuse your body and being with the light and power of Mother Earth. Do whatever you can to feel your feet on the earth. Stand by a tree, take a walk, talk to a plant, express your creativity, do yoga and tai chi, and breathe until you can love yourself as you are. The infusion of energy from Mother Earth will eventually replace the heavy energies circulating through you. It doesn’t matter where or who is impacting your present experience, it matters how you reconnect with the vibrant energies available to you as an earth-dwelling human. And remember, you are on a path to mastering your heightened senses so you will be able to discern the lower-frequency energies from the higher.

Practice connecting to Mother Earth when you are not in a discordant state so that when you need to, you’ll know how to do it skillfully. Given the 100% lack of feminine consciousness activated in our current world, you are faced with a choice. Will I, can I, connect to that which is ready to rise within me, the feminine energies that will spring forth to refresh and renew me, that will live within me perpetually? I’m not challenging you, I’m radiating generous power to help you find this power within yourself, to inspire you to activate what lies dormant.

Exploring anxiety and depression is a journey like exploring physical illness. When we sink into the experience and connect intimately with our unique body/mind/spirit complex and develop an intuitive relationship within so we can journey beyond where we’ve been, can arrive at a new place, more whole and healed. But we won’t feel safe taking this journey unless Mother Earth, the Universal Feminine, is holding us in her heart.

It’s Not That Easy but It Is Possible

This is not a simple solution to all anxiety and depression; I don’t mean it to sound like you can “just” get rid of it with a little bit of light energy.  But changing the way you think about it, how you own it, how it can be the teacher on the path to greater awareness is what makes the difference.  The human nervous system, including the heightened sensory abilities, what we call the “sixth senses” is revealing itself daily to researchers. Soon the world will recognize and appreciate the heightened senses of an evolved human. We are living at a time of momentous change, and it is not easy for empaths, which is why seeing yourself on the way to a more evolved, more mature spiritual being is so helpful.

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  1. Mary+Ann+Chambers

    Dear Sarah…this has resonated with me so much…such gratitude for “walking the path” all these years.


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