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Ready to Let Go? April 30, 2022 Eclipse

April 15, 2022

What is in alignment with your emerging value system? This is the question of the moment.  For complete astrological information refer to Molly McCord’s podcast linked below.

If there ever was a time to pause and connect deeply within it is now.  We have a sense of emergence, that something light and bright is on the horizon but we don’t have a picture of it yet. Our minds have nothing to hold on to, so trust your intuition to guide you safely through this birthing of the new you.  We each need to take refuge in our powerful and courageous hearts and in the heart of Mother Earth.

Our lost connection to Mother Earth is expressed as aggressiveness, hostility, depression, fear, anxiety, and confusion. The upcoming eclipse makes sure we start paying attention to our integrity, authenticity, and placing spirit first in our lives. Now that the earth is in alignment with the galactic center, there is pressure to align with our soul center. Feel the power of the upcoming eclipse, yes, you can feel it already, and allow it to shift you towards your emerging self and shed the old paradigm programs that limit you.

We are not moving towards more “me, me, me,” and “have, have, have,” you don’t have to worry that if you let go a greedy monster will take over and engorge your ego with “non-spiritual” beliefs! Sometimes we hold back because we are afraid of what is lurking in the shadows of our consciousness. The eclipse is like a booster rocket propelling you beyond your inertia into an exciting new space. It’s a complete makeover from head to toe!

The Power of the Sacred Circle: Transmissions from Within and Beyond

I am offering a retreat over the eclipse weekend to create a new space for the emergent you. The sacred circle provides a safe and transcendent container for diving deep into retreat. When the circle is activated and centered in the divine light, you see and hear yourself in a new light. You become the light and your light speaks to you, through frequency, vibration, sound, vision, and intuition. Your light illuminates the emerging you in a way you can’t deny. You receive the transmissions from within and beyond in harmony with your unique constellation of being. Most importantly, you know you are communicating with Truth and experiencing Truth. Nothing replaces the transformational impact of the direct experience of soul Truth. The confidence gained by the direct experience of guidance arising from within is beyond whatever you conjure with your mind or try to project into the world.

Learn more about the retreat here.  Registration is open until April 24.

If you wish to hear more astrological information about the upcoming eclipse listen to Molly McCord’s YouTube video.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30, 2022 is a new eclipse point at 10 degrees that is opening up powerful new potentials to grow, develop, and flourish. It is time to replenish what has shifted, changed, or exited as Uranus in Taurus worked with this same degree point from July 2020 until early February 2022. Now is the time to fortify yourself with more of what resonates with your life value system. Venus, the ruler of this eclipse, is exactly conjunct Jupiter in Pisces at 27 degrees and receiving an evolutionary sextile from Pluto RX in Capricorn at 28 degrees. The changes are right on time, Spirit has lined up more than you can see, and trusting what is calling to you is how to proceed. More to share in this podcast episode.  Molly McCord, Astrologer

All About Eclipses

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