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Eclipse Energies: April 30, 2022

April 19, 2022

Reclaim Your Cosmic Intelligence

Eclipses are Mother Earth’s and Father Sun’s gift to you. A portal to higher consciousness opens that is only available when these two lovers meet.

How have we forgotten the significance of celestial powers in our lives? The codes for earth life are transmitted to us in eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, moon phases, and starlight. Sunbeams carry messages from Father Sun and creation energy connects us to the love of the Mother. When the two lovers meet in an eclipse, a channel opens to life-altering guidance. We are invited to the conversation on how life will proceed for the next cycle. That is only if we are humble and open enough to understand our lives are connected to the cosmic matrix of creation.

Is it possible to stop the runaway train of modern life by pausing long enough to experience the critical missing element that brings meaning and harmony to life?

We have been hoodwinked. The miracle of the human-soul-matrix has been hidden from us, cloaked in secrecy. We’ve been told that we are not wise enough to handle the power of our own consciousness. It’s better to leave it to others who are wiser and nobler “they” told us. What if this is a giant hoax and the same higher consciousness that lies dormant within guides our integration and embodiment of our divinity?

The upcoming eclipse offers the possibility of reclaiming our cosmic intelligence, when we pause to resonate with the energies of awakening vibrating during the eclipse.

Download a Self-Update

During this time between the April 16th full moon and the April 30th eclipse, a self-update is possible. The transformational energies are so powerful it’s almost critical to update your identity to match your higher consciousness. Don’t let inertia hold back your emergence. Allow your sense of yourself to emerge and try out a new identity based on deeper love and intuition. Mother Earth is your best support for this. Be sure to ground and connect your heart to her heart and allow the update to proceed. When your energy connects with hers, your frequency will shift to reveal a new you!

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