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Eagle Spirit Power

August 29, 2022

A thunderous crack split open the sky above. My body shook with fear as I cowered before a mighty presence. Unusually, I sat still when I wanted to run and hide. I remembered a time on a spiritual retreat a similar presence made itself known. When the door to other realities opens, it’s not always love and hugs. Sometimes the power is so strong it induces a fight/flight reaction and a total shutting down, a clunk back to ordinary reality, and a missed opportunity. That time the presence was a spiritual master who, unbeknownst to me, was leading my soul towards profound realization. But my fear cast a shadow that put chains on my heart and blinded my vision. I stood up and ran out of my meditation hut to get away. My spiritual teacher checked on me and asked why I had ended my retreat early. I told him about the visitation, and he looked at me with tears. That’s when he explained how my fear misled me into disrespecting a powerful spiritual master and missing an opportunity for transformation. Obviously, I wasn’t ready, which was quite a blow to my ego. But even my failure produced a gift: I would never run from nor mistake the power of the unseen masters again.

That was 50 years ago, and I learned my lesson well. From then on, whenever I was aware of great power, I recognized and respected it, whether in a human, a spirit, or any other form of unrecognizable intelligence! Often, I opened to it, but sometimes I wasn’t ready and instinctively shut down, having to patiently and humbly wait for another opportunity. I had no control to call this power to my side; it was all in the hands of the other side and the cosmic timing of blessings.

Now, over 50 years later, I found myself sitting on a quiet beach, facing the sapphire blue water and creamy sand, greeting Mother Earth, Father Sun, the spirit of the land, nature spirits, the elements, and the directions. This is my daily ceremony, and now that I was on retreat, in a new place, I opened to the beauty before me and gave my whole heart with no expectation except the joy of honoring the mystic wisdom permeating life.

That’s when the thunderous crack shattered my everyday reality, and a door opened to the true life of spirit. For a moment, I was terrified. Was this a negative entity attacking? Do I have to protect myself? Thankfully a knowing from within led me to stay put and allow the next moments to unfold without trying to control or look for explanations.

A dinosaur size eagle burst through the door between worlds. But before I describe what happened, let me backtrack here.

Before leaving home, I glanced at the crystals in my healing room. Four sparkled at me, letting me know they wanted to come with me on the retreat. I hadn’t planned on bringing any crystals, but experience has taught me that if my eyes fall on something as I leave a room or the house, I should pay attention. Often it is a pair of glasses, shoes, or a jacket that I end up needing despite my resistance to taking them. So I wrapped the four crystals, one blue, yellow, clear, and green, in velvet bags and placed them in my travel bag. Once I unpacked and was heading off to the beach the crystals called to me again so I took them out of their bags and placed them in a circle on the kitchen counter. There they sat while I went off to the beach. Once I settled in a quiet spot on the beach, I began my little ceremony.

My little greeting ceremony quickly opened sacred space. It was as if the nature spirits were expecting me and the crystals knew what would happen even before I left home.

This giant spirit eagle dove down in a single swoop and ate the crystals. Yes, the ones back at the Inn. Of course, time and space have no impact on the spirit world. Somehow my heart and his knew the crystals were an offering for him, and he made a delightful meal of their essence. Once satiated, he turned his attention to me.

His eyes pierced mine, and a light flashed through me like a ray gun and silenced my thoughts. Even though he looked like he was attacking me, I let him do what he needed to do.

His beak dug into my heart, and his talons ripped through my body, prying away years of heavy, ugly, hardened images, energies, and experiences left to rot in my being. I admit it was a bit scary; the unknown always is, but it felt like a blessing, so I stayed with the experience. There is no way to know how much we carry that covers our lightness of being until it is removed. The crystals must have been the appetizer and my collected heavy energies the main course because he just kept eating and eating! The contrast between the beginning of the retreat, feeling exhausted, uninspired, and ready to give up, to the end, feeling restored and realigned with my true being, convinces me every time of the value of spirit friends.

For what must have been about five minutes, he ravenously ate the ignorance, darkness, illusions, and lies stored in my body and being. Nature spirits do this; they eat away at the heavy energies as if they are being fed a banquet of treats. The exchange was perfect; the crystals were offered in return for a deep clearing and healing. Without consciously knowing, my spirit and the nature spirits planned to initiate my retreat.

From there, the retreat took on joy and light, the worst part was over, and I lived lightly in the expanded planes, receiving new transmissions and connections to my next life cycle.

I wish our culture had not dismissed the connection between the nature spirits, the spirit of the land, the elements, directions, and Mother Earth and Father Sun. Life is magical, whole, and meaningful when interacting with our soul dimensions. For me, life is not worth living without the entire presence of our multi-dimensional consciousness. Why not live in ecstasy and love? Once you have had a taste of spiritual ecstasy, nothing else compares.

I’m sure you’ve read about indigenous spirituality and the relationship developed between humans and spirits of the land. The emphasis is on establishing a positive flow of creative forces, so all beings, those unseen and seen, benefit and thrive. Love is recognized as the source of well-being. Our multi-dimensional wisdom is easily accessed when we live in harmony with the non-human intelligences that keep our world turning.

Like my eagle friend, nature spirits are potent and present despite our overly materialistic world. When our focus is purely self-centered, we are not available for a co-creative relationship with the nature spirits, but they are the key to our survival and harmonious life. In our arrogance and ignorance, we believe we know how to live but how wrong we are.

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  1. Andrea Schlenkerman

    What an astounding blessing to have these insights to share! Thanks for the heartfelt inspiration AND courage to journey through this and show us ALL the LIGHT!💜💜✨✨🙏🏽🙏🏽


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