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Revealing Truth

February 25, 2023

Hearing truth helps us feel safe.

Speaking truth fortifies our strength and courage.

Vibrating truth changes the world.

As elusive as truth is today, it is still the foundation of our health and well-being. Truth has a structure, like an exoskeleton—a matrix of energies that shapes the human spirit into form. Through the curves and portals formed by vibrational truth, the universal life force finds a place to land on earth. Our lineage streams through the geometric forms that are the building blocks of life. You can see it in the spiral of our DNA and the toroidal field.

Truth is shaped like a torus, the foundational and infinite energy of life. It suggests images of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome or Drunvalo Melchizedek’s flower of life.  These images exude soaring awe, safety, love, and integrity while radiating an atmosphere of truth as life-giving as the air we breathe. This matrix is embedded in the body, mind, and heart as the toroidal field. And I feel that the lack of knowledge of the toroidal field contributes to today’s disregard for the truth. How can we ignore the significance of truth when experiencing it as our fundamental self?

Toroidal fields are spinning energies in the shape of a donut spinning around a vortex or implied axis. Experiencing the toroidal field connects you to your personal frequency of truth. It is the arrow of truth, the kundalini rising, and the light of the stars in your heart.  Its plumb line runs straight through your spine, the central channel of the chakras, and emerges from the depths of consciousness as the well of wisdom, light, truth, beauty, and grace. Knowledge of the toroidal field reveals the secret of the Tao and the mystery of life. Once you attune to its frequency, it becomes the teacher and the path, both love and wisdom, and your animated guide. Learning from the toroidal field, you become the vibrating truth, fulfilling your mission to elevate human consciousness.

In the class beginning March 6, 2023, Restoring Natural Balance, Wisdom, and Grace Through the Toroidal Field, you will learn to live according to the guidance and frequencies of your toroidal field. You will have the opportunity to find your guiding star, the point from which you unfold and emerge as the unique human who is here with a purpose and plan. From there, you will join the community of those walking their path guided by the teacher within and radiating truth into the world.

Revealing Truth

There is so much confusion in humanity’s current ascension that I want to leave you with some hope and inspiration. Truth can and will be revealed when you ask for it. Don’t be afraid. Be courageous and excited and embrace it. As you connect increasingly with your toroidal field, you will feel aligned with your trusted inner guide and be able to move on. We have been stuck in an eddy of energy that has prevented us from moving forward for several years. That pattern is now broken, and we will be carried, quickly now, by the new flow. Ask for the truth to be revealed in all aspects of your life and, most importantly, in your own thinking and feeling. It’s amazing how many blind spots can clear, and openings can happen now!

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  1. Susan

    I want to share my most amazing example of how the universe provides what we have been asking for, even for a very long time!!
    I moved, and with Sarah’s help, am sort of settling in.
    It is hard to not know anyone and especially hard to find someone open about their spiritual curiosity/learning/yearning.
    I greet the spirits my guardian angels and Mother Earth Father Sun, elementals and nature spirits especially Spirit of the land multiple times a day. Lots of frequencies in this place!! Gratitude for all!!
    Yesterday I connected with a women and mentioned i am dealing with settling in on various levels including spirits that dance in my sink when i was dishes!!
    We were on the phone for over an hour! She is on her spiritual awakening and experiences her dragons!
    One last question Sarah, March Sedona article said it is your last? Is that true????
    Susan Pratt

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Yes, it’s true. Visionary experiences are guiding me toward new horizons. It took me a few months to align with the new guidance and let the old go, but it was the right decision. Thank you for reading them, they brought us together!


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