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The Huge Retrograde Period Coming Up Gives Us Time to Breathe!

August 30, 2023

We are entering a huge planetary retrograde period.  Six planets in retrograde will go in and out of retrograde until the end of the year. What does this mean? Life will slow down a bit, and there will be time and space to take the teachings to a deeper level, and greater understanding will surface. We’ve been whizzing along under the influence of energies faster than the speed of light since the December Solstice and placed trust in our higher being to guide us where we need to be. This next class revisits many previous transmissions and helps ground them into our daily consciousness while also aligning us with the new paradigm energies.

Even though we’ve been carried on an ascension wave, spiritual realization takes time and attention to create a new reality.  I’m sure you’ve had many experiences during the break where old “issues” arose and attended to their clearing. It’s been that kind of time. As we gather in Sacred Circle, our united higher consciousness’s power, grace, and healing will once again activate and draw us closer to a finer, more loving experience of ourselves.

The frequencies that tune us to spiritual sovereignty and personal integrity place us in situations that reveal where our alignment is off and open new vistas within. Personally, I’ve gone through two cataract surgeries and four dental experiences where professional errors undermined the outcome and severely stressed my system. It would be easy to blame and exact retribution for the harm, but it seems I go through extreme medical issues when my consciousness expands; it’s just how it’s been for me throughout my life, no matter how hard I try to shift the plan!  I keep thinking, “What do I have to let go of or re-program to change this pattern?” My mind tries everything to avoid the next blow-out, but it comes around again every few years. There are no guarantees on the spiritual path that being a “good, aligned” student gets you a perfect life, particularly in this time of chaos and change.

How can anyone not be drawn towards the light of being and soul?

But in the end, aligning with your higher being and living from your heart outweighs the downside of transformational experiences. Just because the world is currently centered in low-frequency consciousness doesn’t mean it’s the path to happiness and fulfillment. Becoming sovereign means releasing attachment to a purely materialistic consciousness by recognizing the severe limitations it places on your joy, ecstasy, and unbounded love.  It means claiming the meaning of life from deep within and connecting to your truth, grounding you in peace and love.

It’s essential to recognize the frequency of the life that surrounds you. How is it influencing you? Are you being smothered by shadows instead of illuminated by light? Returning to our grounded center is the spiritual practice of the devotee. Whether facing spiritual trials in a monastery, ashram, or mountaintop, or in our case, the trials of daily life, the primary practice is mastery of the loving presence within, despite all circumstances. Why is this the primary practice? Because it connects you to the stream of living infinite consciousness that flows before, during, and after life. Once this continuity of consciousness is attained, all questions are answered. Then, access to further dimensions that make sense of our human experience becomes available. To note, these dimensions are not accessible any other way than through the portal through which life streams.

 In the next class of The Vibrational Living Series, Conscious Vibrational Communication, the transmission makes us aware of how our cosmic being communicates with our human being. And through this attunement, each participant will become more aware of the greater consciousness community in which they reside. Check out the class here.

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