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Can Deep Silence Provide Answers?

October 22, 2023

Guidance can arise from the most resounding silent space within our hearts. When the mind hits a wall, when life no longer makes sense (from the most mundane circumstances, such as quickly finding a plumber for a gushing water pipe and then spanning to the planetary where inhumane conflict dominates the world stage) I now find myself sinking into silence to hear, listen, feel and understand. Thankfully, this has become my first response rather than my last. I’ve spent too many years banging my head against an imaginary wall where the writing provides half-baked, soul-starving responses to my inner cries.

It’s time to reach into the silence so the universal source can be heard, and its guidance heeded. Not an easy task, I admit, in our noisy world, but how else will we find the strength to rise above objectifying others to begin humanizing and honoring all sentient beings? How will we know unless we have a direct experience of the heart of humanity within our own heart?

We are entering a new age, a new consciousness, and as we watch the old paradigm crumble to be reassembled from the inside out, we are forced to search for peace internally to establish peace externally. We each know how to do this; we’ve experienced contemplative moments of deep truth seeping into our cells that then transform our daily lives.

Peace is what we need to survive and thrive. The contemplative practice of learning to sustain continual peace within serves all. We can experience peace in many ways, customized to align with our unique nature and preferences, but we may need a nudge to remind us of its value. Consider this as a friendly nudge!

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