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Inner Peace and The Throat Chakra, Grounding, and Limiting Beliefs: Part One

October 25, 2023

Let’s start with limiting beliefs. These may include:

  1. I’m always an emotional mess.
  2. I’m buried in shame and lack self-confidence.
  3. I don’t deserve inner peace when the world is in chaos.
  4. I forget and easily lose focus.
  5. My body is too tense.
  6. The world is not peaceful so I can’t be.
  7. My partner, friends, children (etc.) are out of control so I can’t be peaceful.
  8. Why is it so important, I prefer to focus on attaining my external goals.
  9. My self-talk is mostly critical and negative.
  10. Life is so hard, I’ll never attain peace.
  11. My physical, emotional, and/or mental pain prevents peace.
  12. I’m a victim of circumstance and judgment.
  13. I’m a tortured soul never meant for this world.

I can make a huge list, but you get the point. The point is that our inner dialog sabotages inner peace. Our materialistic culture, which objectifies self and others, is the foundation for conflict, unrest, and war. It allows us to view ourselves and others with judgment instead of discernment. Objectification creates disconnection, which separates us from our vital, loving, organic inner power, truth, and clarity. In other words, disconnection separates us from our precious consciousness and peace.

For refined souls oriented towards higher frequency consciousness and the emerging fifth dimension, disconnection also generates an unconscious sense of shame. Our higher consciousness knows we are meant to be connected from Mother Earth to Father Sky, our hearts to others, and our cells to our souls. What follows is an unease swallowing us in a shadow so dark at times that we can’t bear to face the light.

The Throat Chakra: Essential for Inner Peace

Understanding and balancing the throat chakra is essential for inner peace. As mentioned above, our self-talk and limiting beliefs create most of our unrest and conflict. I will highlight a few concepts here, but a full explanation would fill a book. In the upcoming online retreat, The Frequency of Peace, I will guide participants into reconnecting and repairing (balancing) the throat chakra. We will directly experience how disconnection from our wholeness and the fracture of the Throat Chakra lead to unrest and dis-ease.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the human body, located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat. It is associated with the element of sound and is related to communication, expression, and purification. The most common Sanskrit name for the throat chakra is “Vishudda,” which means “pure” or “purification”

Pure, purity, purification….the balanced throat chakra is a channel for expressing higher consciousness in its purest form. When the throat chakra is distorted, the body, mind, and emotions are distorted, generating a sense that something is off, missing, or lacking support. Imagine an out-of-balance, unpurified throat chakra as shattered glass. Shards scattered in all directions. Clarity, strength, beauty, and harmony are lost to the lack of purity and structure.  There is no peace in a shattered space. Guidance from your higher being is hard to hear, feel, or glean. It is hampered from streaming to you in vibrational form and easily misinterpreted.  You are not expected to do this earth journey with just your 3D consciousness; you were created with a multi-dimensional intelligence with great wisdom and love to guide you. You need this to feel at peace in your earthly environment. The channel is blocked when the throat chakra is out of balance. But not only the throat chakra; your entire energy system must be maintained in a pure(er) state for your highest expression. The Frequency of Peace online retreat (November 4-5) will focus on purifying the throat chakra to support the journey towards abiding peace.

Look for Part Two tomorrow.



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