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Inner Peace and The Throat Chakra, Grounding, and Limiting Beliefs: Part Two

October 26, 2023

The Throat Chakra and Your Higher Being

I am bringing your attention to the throat chakra in this post, but attention to the balance and flow of your entire energy system is needed to feel at peace.

Inhabiting a Body Requires a Plan

Imagine the throat chakra like Earth’s outermost atmospheric field. Without the atmosphere, we would burn up from the intensity of the sun’s rays. The throat chakra provides a structured filter, specifically designed to help us translate higher-frequency consciousness into human consciousness. Inhabiting a body requires a structure for titrating pure awareness into the various versions of earth consciousness; this is the function of chakras.  Your ability to translate, understand, and express your unique version of higher being lies with the pure flow of energy and integration and balance of the entire chakra system. The throat chakra’s specific role lies in being a medium for higher consciousness to flow clearly into your body and being.

You are a Medium

The throat chakra is the medium through which you express your higher being. It brings to mind the word “medium” used to describe a psychic who connects with those beyond the earth plane to convey a message. Expanding that definition to all of us, we can each be considered a medium, conveying messages from the invisible realms through the throat chakra to guide our lives.


You know me, I live, breathe, and teach grounding! My purpose in life is to direct attention to the importance of grounding  I use the word grounding in its broadest sense, as the connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Love that surrounds us All. It is the way heaven and earth come together in wholeness and harmony with all sentient beings, earthly and beyond. It’s so funny; as I write this, my right leg wants to lift and cross over my left. I know what that means.  It means I am becoming ungrounded! The idea of going into a detailed explanation of grounding overwhelmed me! I’ll re-ground and continue.

Briefly, connecting to Mother Earth is fundamental to connecting with Great Spirit and our Great Heart. Disconnecting from Mother Earth is the primary source of unrest. Peace begins with our roots. Roots imply relationship and connection. I’m going to make a huge leap here and stretch your being. Our roots include our reciprocal flow of energy with Mother Earth and Father Sky, the flow of our root chakra (kundalini) throughout our being to radiate wisdom and love throughout body, mind, and heart, bringing us into resonance with the divine, and roots in the flow of our unique human design. Maintaining our energy field in pure flow (the toroidal field and Merkaba) helps us understand and stay connected to our true selves and all our relations (seen and unseen). It takes you beyond the limitations of conditioning and distorted thinking.  Being rooted produces a sense of safety and peace beyond words.

We started with the throat chakra and expanded to a harmonized energy state to understand where to find the source of peace.

Once Peace is Attained, New Horizons Open

Once we are in a peaceful state, grounded, aligned, expanded, and in silence, we slip through the doorway of peace and silence into new realms beyond. We’ve made up names for these intelligences, but I’m sure they are only placeholders in our languages that approximate their identity.  We enter the deeper spiritual mysteries if we avoid placing our limited identity on the experience. This brings a special sweetness to our earth experience and even deeper peace to our restless hearts because we know directly what lies ahead beyond this life.

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