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Guided Meditation: Healing 3D Birth Trauma and 3rd Eye New Paradigm Activation

December 16, 2023

What an incredible blessing our latest meditation is! Especially the healing of birth traumas. As my consciousness expanded to include past and present, I felt an incredible lightness of Being–bathed in the deep love of creation. So much of my life has unfolded, tethered to the birth trauma. I saw the huge limitations placed on my being as a result. The poor body image, the deep need to be loved, and the overall neediness throughout my entire life. My being began to rejoice in its freedom from the trauma.  This blessing is so profound I am at a loss to express it.  It continued to heal our pineal center to initiate us into the new paradigm energies. This meditation is simply blessings upon blessings upon blessings, and my heart is overflowing with deep gratitude. — DG

This guided meditation is from a recent class: Navigating the Vibrational World in Everyday Life. It might feel like it started abruptly because we had been in class discussion for an hour before the meditation started. I offer it in the hope that it is healing for all who listen.

Download the audio file here.

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