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Experiencing Etheric and Astral Toxicity? Brain Fog, Anxiety, and Depression are Symptoms

October 26, 2020

When our negative thoughts and feelings are out of control where do they go? They fill up the etheric field and the astral field with heavy energy which then impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Not only are we personally impacted but there is a global impact too. When the planetary etheric and astral fields are not attended to through loving attention and ceremony all living beings suffer.

When your etheric and astral fields are filled with heavy energy, such as the energy generated by a materialist society, one that does not recognize the living world of energies that we live within, we end up in a confused and dazed state.

The astral plane is the realm of dreams, imagination, thought, emotions, and visions. It lies just beyond the etheric plane in our human energy field. The etheric plane is the field surrounding our physical body where the “juice” or physical vitality that is connected to the source of creation generates our physical manifestation. The astral plane is less physical but is very closely related to the physical and the “thought/feeling” realm. Every living earth being has an etheric and astral body. Energy cleansing of these realms is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health. When they are clouded we feel “off-center”, lacking vitality and clarity. This is when anxiety, depression, and confusion can shroud our being because we don’t have enough pure vitality to digest the heaviness around and within us.

Truth exists but it is covered and hidden by the heavy energies that currently pervade our being. During these chaotic times, as we transition to a new consciousness, new earth, and a new human experience, we need to respect the multiple dimensions of our being.  The timeless teachings of reciprocity can help us clear and cleanse on a personal level as well as the planetary level. If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, depression, illness, and heaviness, it is time to recognize that you have a way out. You are not a victim of circumstance, you are a powerful loving light being who is hoodwinked into believing you are powerless.

I’m not saying we are such high-level masters that we can rise above the heaviness so easily. But when we come together in a sacred circle, we can lift and cleanse each other in a collaborative, loving ascension ceremony that helps us maintain our sanity, serenity, and clarity.

Two Pieces of Information to Share with You

The first one promotes the two upcoming classes/retreat I have scheduled starting next week and the week after. Check them out. You’ll know if you resonate with them. The class and the retreat are sacred circles for cleansing, clearing, and uplifting your energy to the Pure Awareness state where you can return home to your True Self. We can’t keep trending into more and more heaviness, the results will not be good for anyone.

5D Shift: Making Room for Your Higher Being

Pure Awareness Retreat: Speaking Energy-to-Energy, Love-to-Love, and Light-to-Light

The second is a teaching from the Q’ero people of the high Andes.  I re-read the spiritual principles of these beautiful beings and it was heartening. I’ve written them as they were given to me by Juan Nunez del Prado, an esteemed mystic and anthropologist who was entrusted to carry on the Inka lineage through ceremony and teaching. I am proud to be considered his student and have also been entrusted to carry the lineage of these teachings.  These teachings are incorporated in every class and retreat I teach. I hope they inspire and renew you as well.

The Seven Principles of INKA Mysticism

  1. The world is made up of an infinite number of different kinds of living energies. Buildings, rocks, cities, trees, mountains, and humans are all made of living energy and possess a poq’po — a bubble of living energy–and are all interdependent parts of this great energy universe.
  2. This energy universe is governed by the law of ayni meaning sacred reciprocity. If you receive you must give, and if you give, you will receive. This is the one rule or law of the INKA tradition.
  3. In this energy universe, there exists no negative or positive energy, only heavier energy —hoocha–and more refined energy —sami. All energy is useful if it is in the right place.
  4. This physical body is a microcosm of the earth. In the world of living energies, there is no subject/object distinction. No difference between you and the mountain, once you connect energy bubbles.
  5. Human beings are made in the image of Pachamama. Therefore, just like Pachamama, we have a spiritual stomach – qosqo – to eat and digest living energies. This is our organ of interaction with the world of living energies, our organ of intention. Through gaining control of our qosqo we direct energies where they need to go, to harmonize, not only ourselves but our environment.
  6. Health, in Andean terms, means being in harmony within ourselves and within our environment. This means being in harmony with all the living beings and living energies around us, including nature and the invisible world. Illness reflects a disharmony within ourselves and our world.
  7. Enlightenment is for everyone. It is a natural product of the complete unfoldment of the three human powers: the power of the heart–munay, the power of the body, –llanqay, and the power of the mind yachay.

Blessings All.

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