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Red Carpet Lights to Spirit Lights

Sari Cohen and Sam Davidson met in LA where they work as entertainment journalists, red carpet interviewers, script writers, stand-up comedy performers, and on-air correspondents.  When the pandemic hit, they let their spiritual life take center stage and started the Spiritual Spiral podcast. Their interest was two-fold: How are people coping spiritually during this time and how can they cultivate their own spirituality by learning from others.


  1. Sam and Sari’s Hollywood careers.
  2. How being an empath helped form deeper connections during celebrity interviews.
  3. Sari’s spiritual nature was evident at an incredibly young age. Sam’s interest in all things psychic, spiritual and fear of ghosts also emerged very early in life. Sari’s gut knowing she wanted to help others forget their troubles by transporting them to another dimension through acting, writing, and loving. Sam’s truth meter was always front and center.
  4. Each woman’s connection to their spiritual heritage through their mother and grandmother.
  5. Sari’s spiritual revelations helping her mother through a coma where she had 1% chance of surviving.
  6. Sam and Sari describe their current stage of healing and spiritual unfolding.
  7. How the Spiritual Spiral Podcast was birthed and what they are learning through contact with wonderful healers and sages.

Spiritual Spiral Podcast


Download the audio file here.