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Upgrade and Evolve with Dr. Alison J Kay

Dr. Alison’s mission is to support the next higher evolution of the collective & create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them.

Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System Dr. Alison is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. This is reinforced by her ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. With 20+ years working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, Mind Body Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health with a specialized focus on the Chakra System, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates massive change.


  1. Alison’s journey from political advisor to transformational healer.
  2. Transmission: Activating the living energy in clients and students for healing and expansion.
  3. Awakening in Taiwan: It’s all about Qi and Wholeness.
  4. What it feels like to channel living energy.
  5. Vertical attunement and letting go of conventional ways of relating.
  6. Importance of the Heart and Throat Chakras.
  7. Attuned to future energies.
  8. Discussion on the big planetary shifts occurring now and into spring.


Website: www.alisonjkay.com

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Instagram @dr.alisonjkay
Twitter @ajkbliss


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  • What If There’s Nothing Wrong?


It’s time to activate your gifts!


2021 is the year empaths finally emerge from their cocoons and make their presence known, seen, and heard.


If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, exhausted, sick, and powerless, this is the year to turn your life around. Your specific role in humanity’s evolution is to model the expanded superpowers of higher consciousness and the love that sources our collective consciousness. It’s time to claim your gifts and stop allowing others to define and judge you.


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