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Alyse Bacine: Activating Your Ascension and Mission

My mission is to hold the space for you to activate your ascension and step into higher states of consciousness. Utilizing the power of Breathwork to raise your frequency, and my connection to spirit, I download light code activations for you to fully embody your soul’s mission on this planet and effortlessly carry it out.

I have a free guided breathwork session to release fear and uncover your divine gifts and a free ascension tool kit available when you sign up for my email list.


Alyse Bacine is a Philadelphia based leader in breathwork, energy work, creator of The Metamorphosis Ascension Journey and The Awakening- An Activation of your Psychic Abilities. Alyse uses her powerful connection to spirit to tap into your energy to see exactly what is holding you back and then guides you to release old blocks and stuck energy through a simple breathing technique and powerful energy work.

Alyse is extremely passionate about guiding people to radical healing and ascension. It is Alyse’s mission on this planet to guide people to activate their ascension, live their soul’s mission and step into the 5D timeline.

Alyse has been teaching and practicing breathwork for 20 years, she studied with Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, Tony Lo Mastro, Maureen Malone and Rhonda Levand. Additionally, Alyse has a Masters Degree in School Counseling, a certification in Social Emotional Learning and has developed a Meditation Program and Curriculum for Middle School Students. Alyse is also a certified Yoga Teacher, wife, and mom of two.


  1. Alyse leads us through a grounding meditation to connect our energy with the earth and stars.
  2. The importance of grounding to clear and stabilize your energies when you are engaged in healing.
  3. Grounding to feel safe and secure.
  4. How to help your children ground and center.
  5. Alyse’s superpower is helping people get unstuck.
  6. Description of the Akashic Records.
  7. Accessing the Askashic Records.
  8. The Akashic Records message for Earth Love Spirit listeners.
  9. The child mystic and feeling different.
  10. A healing disorder was her initiation into the path of the wounded healer.
  11. Perceiving subtle energies and translating frequencies into words.
  12. Holding a high-frequency space allows clients to feel and palpably sense the healing experience.
  13. The importance of support and coaching when starting your healing business.
  14. The promise and hope of the new age and 5D consciousness.

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