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Anisha Durve: The Spirit of Healing

Anisha Durve is an Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and meditation instructor for 20+ years. She is an author, activist, mystic, & spiritual warrior dedicated to empowering women who are trauma survivors. Her specialty is marma or ayurvedic energy points!


  1. Anisha’s approach to prana healing: energy is the light of our being.
  2. Activating her healing energy at age 17 with Reiki Training.
  3. Her first acupuncture appointment opened her inner vision and connected her with her inner self. That’s when she knew her path was to be an acupuncturist.
  4. Meeting and studying with the Ayurvedic teacher Dr. Vasant Lad changed her life. He pioneered Ayurvedic medicine in the US. His ability to integrate spirituality and science was inspiring.
  5. Every healing modality has its gifts and limitations. The art of integrative medicine is knowing how to initiate a healing journey with the right modality and right timing.
  6. The three levels of healing in Chinese medicine: the physical, mental, and the highest form, spiritual.
  7. Acupuncture induces a meditative state.
  8. Marma therapy: Marma points are similar to acupuncture points. They are gateways or portals to healing and higher consciousness.
  9. Marma therapy is similar to acupressure. You can use touch to activate the points, along with visualization and intention.
  10. Anisha’s approach to healing, her school, and how she works with her clients.
  11. Every symptom, every emotion, every diagnosis is an opportunity for healing; they are our teachers.

Watch a free replay of my marma ayurvedic energy points masterclass webinar here!

You can watch the free replay of my marma masterclass webinar here!

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