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Womb Spirit Healing with Raven Rose

As a young human Raven was a dreamer and a visionary who felt the absence of not having elders to guide her on the medicine path. Through her womb healing journey, she revived her ancestral medicines and now shares them with others in her herbal practice, Moon Medicine. 

Moon medicine is for women who have struggled with menstrual pain, endometriosis, and reproductive issues. Raven Rose address these issues with massage, herbs, plant medicines, ancestral healings, and shamanic practices.

Women have suffered in the male dominated medical world. Our issues have been trivialized or monetized, and our sovereignty compromised. Raven Rose’s in-depth training in womb spirit medicine is a bright light for all women takes moon medicine back into the hands of the feminine.

As she states here:

Like many of you who found your way to Moon Medicine, I have faced a significant amount of hardship with my cycle. My own healing is what brought me to this work. Though my more formal title is, Herbalist and Educator, I personally identify as a medicine woman. Someone whose own personal medicine and connection to the earth, allows them to see the deeper wounds that manifest as physical ailments in others. Being a guide is about more than years of study, it’s about having walked the path of deep personal healing.


  1. Raven’s path to self-healing and becoming a “womb” healer
  2. Kambo Medicine
  3. How Raven received her spirit name
  4. Women’s Herbalism and Ethnobotany
  5. Womb Massage and Spiritual Healing
  6. Community Herbalism 
  7. Shamanic and Plant Spirit Medicines 
  8. Ancestral Medicine


Website: https://www.moonmedicine.co/earthlovespirit

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmedicines/


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