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Women: Messy, Magical and Magnificent

Self Love as a Tool for Transformation

Bringing an infectious warmth and playful levity wherever she goes, Monica Rodgers is an un-fatiguable advocate for the full actualization of womxn, inspiring womxn everwhere to say YES to the MESS. Monica believes that womxn can take action towards realizing our true potential only when we stop proving and striving and trying to be who everyone wants us to be. When we become true to our self and return to our “original design” with love and compassion, we become aligned, opening the portal into our divine purpose where peace, joy, and prosperity dwells. There has never been a more important time for womxn to reveal the truth of who we are as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

We covered a lot of ground in our conversation. Monica is ardent about disrupting the trance of unworthiness in women and in everyone. We covered:

  1. Say yes to the mess of transformation and change. You can’t avoid it if you want to be truly liberated.
  2. The divine feminine, Sophia, is rising once again to balance out the masculine, not to take over.
  3. The 21st century as The Sophia Century
  4. The divine feminine has been buried for years and as a result our world is distorted and out of balance.
  5. Women are gathering to support women. Wise women are showing up and groups are forming to help women through their transformation process.
  6. The course is uncharted and unlimited.
  7. Helping our children create a world of balance and respect for the healthy masculine and feminine.
  8. Women’s bodies carry the message of embodiment, passion, strength, and love. Once we are embodied, this is all available to us.
  9. Envisioning a world where the feminine and masculine are balanced and in dynamic harmony.
  10. Radical self-approval as a tool for transformation.
  11. Stop fixing and making everything look good, you’re contributing to the patriarchy by continually striving to keep everything going as it is.

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