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Flow and Clarity, The Gifts of the June 2021 Solstice with Sarah Weiss


  1. The June 2021 Solstice brings new flow and clarity during this time of great changes. It also brings more change!
  2. The new paradigm is here, and our mind, body, and identity are processing and adapting to it even if we do not realize it.
  3. Ease is replacing force; allowing is replacing striving.
  4. The mind is coming home to rest; it is exhausted from the last 2000 years of getting to know itself.
  5. Wholeness gives rise to a new style of intelligence: it is cosmically aligned, centered in Oneness, and embraces the facets of individuality.
  6. Shifting from the linear paradigm to the spherical.
  7. As a geometric shape, the sphere includes all shapes.
  8. We seek clarity for the peace it provides.
  9. When we are clear we are not invisible, we become more visible.
  10. The physical state is becoming more fluid and responsive to higher frequency galactic energies: even our cells are responding to the new frequencies.
  11. The restorative, progressive, and evolutionary nature of dynamic relaxation.
  12. You are a heavenly body with an axis that spins and aligns with the cosmos.
  13. Delight in your lightness.
  14. Our consciousness is a prism, at the same time clear and radiant with the rainbow colors of individuality.
  15. Final blessings.

Join me on Monday evenings starting June 21st for our next Awakening Together Class:

Awakening Together 4:  High-Frequency Wholeness: Grounded, Aligned, Centered, Loving, Glowing & Flowing

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What students are saying about the 2021 Awakening Together Series:

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your time and gifts. I absolutely loved this class. Each journey was so energetically expansive and powerful for me personally. I’m grateful the energies have stayed with me each and every day. In full bliss, in full love. –TP

Two teaching stood out for me this week. The first was the awareness that the Energy will do what I try to do with my mind. Relaxing, easing in and trusting in the Energy as a guide.

The second was that the Circle never ends and that it is carried in the Light of my Heart. When I felt off center this week, this practice helped me to relax into my Heart instead of attaching to the gymnastics of my mind. –MT

Learn more at https://spirithealonline.com/classes/2021-awakening-together-series/

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