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Gabriela Masala: Fresh Creative Energy, Expansion, and Presence in the New Paradigm

Gabriela has been steeping in universal wisdom, expressive arts and energy medicine for over 25 years. She is a lover of the creative process as a catalyst for evolution. She is passionate about pioneering what it means to be fully alive and serving as ‘soul midwife’ for the birth of new paradigms. The mystical and natural worlds are among her greatest teachers. Her decades as a consultant in the world of Mind/Body/Spirit education and facilitation have taken around the globe. She’s an author, Song Carrier, and principal of Source Consulting Group.



  1. Invocation and Centering with Gabriela
  2. Gabriela’s early childhood mystical experiences.
  3. We have a direct connection to unity consciousness; we don’t need mediators to facilitate that connection.
  4. Consciousness beyond limitations and conditioning.
  5. Light, love, and spirit in the new paradigm.
  6. The evolving collective consciousness of humanity.
  7. Dancing, painting, and singing into wholeness.
  8. Embracing the unknown leads to knowing your unique creative self.
  9. Co-regulating with the natural world brings is powerful and effective.
  10. Gabriela’s book: Everyday Magnificent.
  11. You can’t be too loving.
  12. Redefining ourselves in the new paradigm.
  13. The capacity of our inner magical child to heal and make us whole.
  14. Gabriela’s vision of our collective future: it’s bright and brilliant!


Unity-Coherence Meditation: Receive a direct transmission of heart-brain coherence, with this simply profound state shifting meditation. The Unity Coherence meditation is both instructional and experiential. In just 15 minutes, you will entrain to an expanded state of consciousness, flood your heart open with gratitude and center more deeply at Source. Savor and Enjoy.



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