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A Grounded Approach to the Enneagram with Ramona Reid

Ramona Reid is the co-founder of The Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy, an Enneagram Coach, Reiki Master, and Licensed Massage Therapist. The Nashville Center is a community of alternative therapists utilizing education and personalized treatment plans to address physical issues and structural imbalances as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual struggles. A group of therapists representing the entire continuum of medical, psychological, and energetic modalities may be accessed to give clients access to optimal support and healing.

My in-depth conversation with Ramona revealed her caring, thoughtful and grounded approach to the healing journey.



  1. How The Enneagram supported Ramona’s growth.
  2. Ramona’s continuing in-depth study of the enneagram as a model for self-inquiry.
  3. How Michelle Chalfant’s Adult Chair Model and The Enneagram process work together to foster emotional maturity.
  4. The three basic enneagram profiles and how to approach the process in a fluid, open, and revealing way.
  5. Ramona’s grounded, compassionate, conversational coaching style.
  6. How corporate human resource departments are using The Enneagram with job applicants.
  7. The misuse and misunderstanding of The Enneagram in the spiritual marketplace. (Don’t use your enneagram number as a pick-up line!)
  8. Understanding empaths through the lens of The Enneagram.


You can find Ramona Reid at:

Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy: http://www.mynashvillecenter.com/

Holistic Revolution: http://www.mynashvillecenter.com/holistic-revolution



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