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Detours, Delight, and Diving Into the Heart with Regina Brett

The essence of every spiritual teaching is LOVE. How does one LOVE in a world that isn’t that loving? Regina Brett’s journey to finding peace and joy is inspiring. She has scaled high peaks, physically, but we get a peek at her “inner peaks” in this podcast.

Best selling author and commentator on life, Regina has a way of living into her wisdom in ways most of us can only hope to touch.  Her only goal is to Love everyone in her life, no matter how she is treated. I can’t think of a higher spiritual goal.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Learning to live each day fully with cancer as your teacher.
  • The life in front of you is the greatest teacher.
  • Getting out of the way so Love can come through.
  • Finding self-love after self-loathing.
  • A glimpse of Regina’s daily practice to set her day on a positive note.
  • How life’s detours provide the greatest opportunities.
  • Writing as a grounding spiritual practice and Regina’s spiritual scanner
  • Transformation through connection to sacred land, Shasta and Skellig Michael


Visit Regina Brett’s Website: www.reginabrett.com

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