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Empaths: Second Wave Awakening

A Teaching and Meditation

Why are empaths trending? It seems like the cosmos pulsed a frequency around 2011, and empaths woke up.

Before that time, empaths were called psychic, intuitives, or sensitives. The term empath is a more recent description of someone who feels another as oneself.  In other words, empaths can experience unity consciousness and communicate through the unified field.

Another pulse reverberated through the cosmos in 2020, and empaths are now awakening to their powerful FULL SPECTRUM PERCEPTION. Empaths are experiencing a new wave of validation, self-acceptance, and taking responsibility for mastering their expanded abilities.


1.Empaths will be experiencing a Second wave awakening due to higher frequencies entering the planetary consciousness.

  1. Shifting from powerless to powerful by releasing the “old story” of helplessness. Your next stage of awakening helps you realize you are not too sensitive for this world. You are superconscious, not less conscious.
  2. Directing the empath’s subtle sensing ability inward will help you discover your true self.
  3. Sourcing the infinite energy through subtle awareness supports your health, well-being, and higher consciousness.
  4. Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun as ascension teachers.
  5. You are energy first and then a human being.
  6. Empath Second Wave Empowerment Meditation.


Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT, CLE, is a Medical Intuitive, Certified Licensed Empath Coach, and Spiritual Teacher in private practice in Northeast Ohio. She is the Director and Creator of The SpiritHeal Institute for Intuition and Healing, The Enlightened Empath Training Program, and of Light Journey Training, host of the EARTH LOVE SPIRIT podcast, and a feature writer for The Sedona Journal of Emergence.


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