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Feng Shui for Changing Times

Pamela and Lauren, a mother/daughter team, founded The Feng Shui Collective to help clients realize their life goals through their combined talents. Their mission is to make the planet a more beautiful place while helping clients accomplish their most passionate goals. Daughter Lauren is the goal-setting expert and mom Pamela is the Feng Shui expert. They’ve created a unique approach to energizing and clearing your life that brings peace and stimulates grounded change.


  1. The back-story of their partnership.
  2. How the fundamentals of feng shui complement goal setting to help energize your life and goals.
  3. The Black Hat school of Feng Shui and the modern-day application of ancient principles of flow and change.
  4. Client successes: Getting along with teenagers, love relationships, career shifts.
  5. Making change easy: using feng shui cures to create smooth transitions and change.
  6. Lauren’s 7 Steps of Goal Setting outlined. Getting crystal clear on what you want and then creating the goal blueprint.
  7. How Pamela determines where the goal “lives” energetically in your home and application of cures to support the goal.

Pamela and Lauren are offering our listeners a free gift worth $67. An introduction to Feng Shui and how to understand the flow of energy in your home and in your life. Use code EARTHLOVESPIRIT at


Pamela and Lauren are sharing this important tool of their practice, the Bagua Map. Download it HERE for free.

Download the audio file here.