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Inviting Trust and Wisdom into Your Life with Joni Advent Maher

#003: I invited fellow mystic and mentor Joni Advent Maher to share the twists and turns of her spiritual path with us. Joni eventually walked step-by-step right into her feminine, revolutionary heart. We discussed Joni’s experience as a young mystic, her shift from traditional therapist to spiritual coach and teacher, and how the birth of her daughter opened a profound connection to her feminine soul.

Joni is the founder of Revolutionary Heart and host of the popular Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast. She is a mystic, spiritual midwife, and visionary guide who stepped out the spiritual closet to catalyze the next wave of emerging feminine leadership. She draws from 30 years guiding people back to their true nature, purpose, and source of well-being as a therapist and a teacher.