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Listening to the Divine Feminine with Kate Hallsen

Author, yoga instructor and lover of dogs, Kate Hallsen models how to listen to the divine feminine.

She is the writer of two spiritual books for young people: Amber Ashes for young adults and The Sun that Didn’t Shine for toddlers and preschoolers. In this episode we learn so much from about following your heart, the wise guidance of our elders, and how money is not the bottom line.


  1. Kate’s path to manifest her dream to be a published author.
  2. How her vision of the Phoenix guided her path.
  3. The role of her grandmother in showing Kate her true self.
  4. Channeling her grandmother in the writing of her books.
  5. Kate’s love of the Divine Feminine and taking time to let her speak.
  6. How learning and unlearning are partners in life’s unfolding.

Kate is a writer and visual artist who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and dog. She holds a degree in psychology and enjoys all things divine feminine, meditating, teaching yoga and spending time with loved ones.

Find Kate at:

Instagram: @KateHallsen


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