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Living Into Your Power with Terri Ann Heiman

Terri Ann Heiman joins me to channel the higher frequencies of light and healing flooding the planet. Terri is a powerhouse who helps women regain self confidence and trust their inner guidance through her empowered spirit programs. She also hosts the Empowered Spirit podcast, a great resource for weekly wisdom! Refreshing and honest, her energy is uplifting and her wisdom palpable.

Terri describes living into her wisdom step-by-step. She was a professional photographer who followed her heart to become a successful spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the healing arts.

Topics Include

  1. The need for in-depth training and mastery for healers.
  2. How to get “unstuck”.
  3. Resolving weight issues.
  4. Opening the Akashic records.
  5. Emotional Release Technique
  6. The role of guides in healing.
  7. Supporting those who are crossing over.


Her book: Confessions of a Shower Tapper: The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT

Her website: www.terriannheiman.com

Download the audio file here.