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The Safest Place to be is in Your Body, Part 2


1. The Embodied Spiritual Experience: Developing a new relationship to your body.
2. Discovering the mystic’s secret: your body has a dimension you haven’t discovered yet.
3. Your body is the living essence of Love, Harmony, and Beauty. When you connect and embody your physical consciousness the path to safety, happiness and even enlightenment opens before you.
4. Mother Earth can introduce you to your physical consciousness.
5. Does your fear of rejection make you reject and resist the unfolding of your own beauty and power?
6. Deep Meditation: The Embodied Spiritual Experience

Relaxing the mind, emotions and body, sinking into the heart of Mother Earth, leads you to clear self-realization and higher consciousness. Any and all tension creates a dark filter that taints all perception. Connecting to the vital flow of energy from Mother Earth’s heart clears the tension on all levels, revitalizes our tired bones and mind, and allows us to see from a greater and more glorious perspective.

Today our theme is “The Safest Place to Be Is In Your Body.” I offer a living teaching and a guided meditation to help you connect with all that is conscious and alive.

The Safest Place to Be Is In Your Body honors and recognizes our connection to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the Love that Sources us all. We will experience teachings and transmissions on embodied spirituality, our connection to all that is alive and whole. When we take refuge in our body, finding safety, harmony, and love in physical consciousness, there is no safer place to be on earth.

Our body does not limit us; it is the holy grail of physical consciousness embodying all the qualities we attribute to the divine.

Physicists and mystics agree: our body is a living expression of our consciousness. It is not an object that our spirit inhabits; it is a dimension of our consciousness. When we objectify our bodies, we objectify our self.

Embracing our physical consciousness is not the same as saying, “I embrace my body.” We often see our body as a limitation, a handicap, something to escape. The path of embodied spirituality, becoming more embodied, involves sinking deeper into the consciousness of our body and accessing the cosmic love, harmony, and beauty flowing throughout. Total embodiment is the antidote to loneliness, illness, ignorance, and limitation; your beloved is with you always.



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