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We Need More Adults in the World

Michelle Chalfant is a therapist, holistic life coach, author, podcaster, motivational speaker and developer of The Adult Chair Model, a transformational model of self-realization that helps people across the globe discover who they are, become unstuck, improve their relationships and develop self-love.

With over 2 million downloads, Michelle hosts The Adult Chair podcast, where simple psychology meets grounded spirituality and where she gives people the tools and techniques needed to find their power and transform their lives.

With over 25 years of experience in all areas of self-healing, you can learn more about Michelle and her offerings by visiting theadultchair.com.

What you’ll hear in today’s podcast:

  • Overview of The Adult Chair Model
  • The goal of The Adult Chair model is to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.
  • Child Chair: Age 0 -6 we learn about love, passion, intimacy, feelings, needs, and vulnerability. We are also sensitive and unconsciously absorb and process other’s emotions.
  • Adolescent Chair: Age 6 – 25,  pre-to-post adolescent  Our ego comes online and teaches us to fear and protect. We learn to live in the future or the past, but not the present. We do what will keep us safe and loved, even if it means masking our true self.
  • Adult Chair: Age 25 +   Adults are conscious, look for facts and truth instead of stories and assumptions, learn to witness thoughts, set boundaries, connect to emotions, process needs, and feelings without getting stuck.
  • How to connect and heal the inner child.
  • How The Adult Chair Model evolved from Michelle’s healing
  • Retro empaths; the most sensitive of the empaths types.
  • The spiritual adult.
  • Empath origins of colic—picking up anger in the room as a baby, trying really hard to process all the pain and tension in the immediate family, and feeling like she couldn’t process the emotions fast enough, so it made her cry continuously.
  • Unconsciously processing other’s energies can lead to co-dependency.
  • Adults have healthy self-love.
  • How to change other people? Be the healthiest version of yourself first. Then people will respond differently.



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