Podcast. Earth. Love. Spirit.

Welcome to the Earth Love Spirit Podcast

The EARTH LOVE SPIRIT podcast is about Embodied Spirituality. How does your higher self become your everyday self, that is the question my guests and I will explore each week.

I love everything about consciousness, energy, and spirituality. I love creating sacred space so we can all grow into our sovereign, powerful, and wise true self.

All of us are experiencing significant transformation now. Mother Earth and Father Sun are immersing us in high-frequency energies as we’ve never seen before. Humans are finally getting to see just how amazing we are!

Empaths, Highly Sensitive Souls, Multi-Dimensionals, Healers, Intuitives, Light Beings, and all who are awakening to the light within, please join with us in our virtual sacred circle. We can ascend together as One Being.

The EARTH LOVE SPIRIT podcast is inspirational, healing, and grounded in The Heart of the Mother. She is the source of the authentic life stories, invocations, channeled teachings, and meditations shared with you each week. Absorb the inspiration non-verbally; the sacred space is clear and bright.