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Highly Sensitive with Patricia Young

Patricia Young is passionate about helping Highly Sensitive People embrace their superpowers and create a lifestyle aligned with their sensitivities. Our conversation covers her personal and professional perspective with a sense of humor and lightness. She walks her talk with transparency and courage!

Topics discussed:

  1. You may be an HSP if you have been labeled as “too picky, too emotional, too sensitive, too dramatic, too empathic, told to get a thicker skin.
  2. Patricia studied with Elaine Aron, PhD, who developed the profile for the HSP over 20 years ago.
  3. The HSP DOES model:

D = Depth of Processing

O = Over arousal or stimulation

E = Emotional responsiveness and empathy

S = Sensitive to Subtleties

  1. Many of the traits of the HSP and Empath overlap.
  2. Her personal path to becoming strong instead of wrong.
  3. Learning how to identify, accept, and lovingly tend to your unique needs in all settings in life: career, schooling, family, and relationships.
  4. Needing the world to stop long enough to be seen and heard. Finding friends who accept your need for deep conversations and processing, your sensitivity to being rejected for our specific set of needs, and standing up for yourself.
  5. Craving Deep Connection
  6. The continuum of perceptual perception and relating to the natural world.
  7. Learning to balance your mind, body and emotions in order to lead an aware life.
  8. HSP’s can exhibit high anxiety, deep depression, concentration issues and be diagnosed incorrectly as having bipolar, borderline, ADHD or OCD disorders by unknowledgeable therapists.


Patricia Young is a licensed therapist and coach specializing in working with Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s). She also hosts of The Unapologetically Sensitive podcast. Patricia is passionate about providing education to help HSP’s and non-HSP’s to help understand and truly appreciate their amazing gifts. She works globally online with HSP’s providing coaching and facilitating groups for identifying your HSP superpowers, creating healthy boundaries, overcoming perfectionism, learning to deal with conflict, mindfulness, embracing emotions, improving self-esteem, and creating a lifestyle that supports the HSP.

Website: https://patriciayounglcsw.com/

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