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New Paradigm Reiki Light and Healing with Yolanda Williams

The Path of an Authentic Healer

Yolanda Williams is a wonderfully light and bright Reiki healer and spiritual guide. She is the host of Reiki Radio Podcast, the co-founder of The Mind Body Energy Project, and creator of The Seekers Circle.

Topics include

  1. The challenges and gifts of being an empath.
  2. Burning out in her financial career and following her intuition to become a Reiki Master and spiritual guide.
  3. Her love for all humanity.
  4. Her childhood experiences with non-physical beings.
  5. Being a responsible, authentic healer and guide.
  6. Her process for leading group healings.


Her website: www.theenergeticalchemist.com

Reiki Radio Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/reiki-radio-podcast/id725309051

Download the audio file here.