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Spiritual and Practical Dating Tips for Women Over 50 with Lisa Copeland

Today’s episode is a re-release of one of our top episodes with Lisa Copeland.

Lisa Copeland is a leading internationally recognized Love, Coach, and Dating Expert for women over 50. Through her program, Finding A Quality Man Over 50” Lisa inspires and teaches women how to feel confident, empowered, and able to enjoy dating. She has strategies for putting yourself “out there” in a way that is true to yourself and successful at the same time. 

Lisa’s path to becoming a Love and Dating Coach is another example of Living Into Your Wisdom. Lisa is deeply spiritual and her approach to dating is rooted in spiritual wisdom. She starts with the basics! What vibes are you putting out and what are you getting back. Awareness is the key and Lisa helps you discover your dating comfort zone and clarify who you want to attract into your life. 

Who would think a spiritual person would become a dating coach?! But Lisa followed her intuition, let it all unfold, step by step, overcoming many challenges along the way to reveal her life path. Listen as we share Lisa’s powerful story and her spiritual approach to dating and finding the right person for you!

You can get a free copy of her eBook “The 5 Little Known Secrets to Finding a Quality Man” at www.findaqualityman.com


  • How Lisa lived into her wisdom and found her true self and professional calling as a love and dating coach.
  • Learning from two failed marriages Lisa shares that her greatest lesson was not letting expectations, sexual attraction, wealth, and illusions lead her into the wrong relationship.
  • Don’t compare yourself to your 20’s identity and physical appearance. Appreciate how your life has made you who you are. Become present and treasure who you are.
  • How empaths see the potential in partners when the partners don’t even recognize their own potential. Focus on your potential and let others tend to their potential.
  • Even the most spiritual among us need to have a dating plan. Having a structure and guidelines ensures your path to finding a wonderful companion will stay on track.
  • Keep the power centered within you. Do not let old programs cause you to give away your power. You have a choice, you know what you want.
  • Expecting to meet your soul mate or twin soul can make you overlook the person right in front of you!


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